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You Are Worthy of Love
You will not be able to move forward and accomplish your goals if you do not fully love and accept yourself first. Self improvement begins with self love.
Posted January 12, 2012
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Today, as I was getting dressed to head to a meeting, I felt myself becoming frustrated, angry and even hateful towards myself because my clothes weren’t fitting properly. I’ve lost 120 pounds but I still have 70 pounds to lose in order for me to be at my goal weight. I’m in that weird phase where everything is either too big or too small. You know that phase, right? As I stood in the mirror, I literally began verbally abusing myself saying, “You’re still so fat!!! Look at how you look in these clothes! Gross! Look at that roll on your back. How could anyone think this is attractive?!” After about 3 minutes of this negative beating I was giving myself, I started to snap out of it. “Why are you being so mean to yourself, Stephanie?”, I asked myself.

A question I’m asked a lot and one I’ve asked myself is, “How do you learn to love what you feel is bad or ugly about yourself so that you’re able to move past it?” The answer is plain and simple: You just do. Know that even if you have to lose weight, you are still lovable! Know that even though those scars that you put on your body from self-mutilating are there, you are still beautiful! Know that even though your hair is falling out, you’re still handsome! Know that all of your so-called imperfections are there to teach you a lesson. Accept yourself just as you are RIGHT NOW. Learn to love the stuff that you and society have labeled “unacceptable”. You will not be able to move forward and accomplish your goals if you do not fully love and accept yourself first. Self-improvement begins with self-love. Start right now. You, as much as anyone or anything, deserve your love.

Remember: You are worthy of love simply because you breathe.

Sending you love in abundance,

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