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Promotional models (also known as Trade Show or Showroom models) are used at conventions and trade shows (i.e.,an auto show).
Posted January 28, 2012
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Promotional models (also known as trade show or showroom models) are used at conventions and trade shows – i.e., an auto show. Merchants hire these models to greet customers, hand out product samples and talk to them about the product offered. The idea is that attractive people will sell the concept of a product. Promotional models must have a beautiful smile, white teeth and a great personality. These models can be seen demonstrating products from automobiles to cosmetics. They generally wear dress sizes from 2 to 6 but this is contingent on the merchant’s requirements.

Some promotional models travel with companies from show to show, usually at the company’s expense. Most of these models have acquired commercial contracts. Promotional modeling is a great opportunity for exposure and for a beginning model to meet company owners and marketing staff members. This can lead to print work and other modeling opportunities.

Promotional modeling can be very lucrative plus it’s a great training ground for new models. Personality is key in the modeling industry in addition to physical appearance. This area of modeling will bring out your personality as well as your inner salesperson, an attribute you will need anyway no matter what type of modeling you’re interested in. A winning personality will outweigh a beautiful face any day. A gorgeous woman can and will be denied modeling jobs if a client or merchant deems her personality less than likable.

Whether you start with promotional modeling or in another area, make sure you learn all you can from each experience. Let every opportunity be a stepping stone to the next.

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