Plus Size/Full Figure Modeling
Plus size models primarily model clothes that are designed for larger body sizes and types.
Posted January 28, 2012
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Plus size models (also known as ‘full-figure models’ and ‘extended size models’) primarily model clothes that are designed for larger body sizes and types. These models range in dress sizes from 8 to 14 and height requirements are 5’8 up to 6’0. Larger sizes are used but are not as common. These requirements are contingent upon the client hiring the model and the proportions of the model. Bust, waist and hips should be proportionate to height and shapely legs are a must. The male corresponding category to plus models is known as Big and Tall. These men are well over 6’0 tall and like plus models, they are toned and height/weight proportionate.

Today, plus size models are experiencing many of the same opportunities as high fashion models - even the pay. In fact, plus size is a sub-category of fashion modeling. However, plus size models do struggle in gaining recognition within the industry. Society though is becoming more aware that bodies come in all shapes and sizes, so a need has emerged for larger models. As a result, the job prospects for larger models have increased. These models often find work from their mid-teens through middle age and work in markets all over the US and around the world. Many participate in a variety of modeling jobs such as print work, runway, ad campaigns and commercials. Fashion designers are increasingly using full figured models mainly due to the fact that the average woman in the US is a size 12-14. Plus size models therefore appeal to a larger part of the female population than their fashion model counterparts. Women are increasingly demanding to see models that more accurately reflect their own image.

So, to all the curvy goddesses and big and tall men who have a passion for modeling and fit the above criteria…GO FOR IT! You represent today’s woman/man. Much success to you in all your endeavors!

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