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Petite models have the same qualities as high-end fashion models but on a petite frame.
Posted January 28, 2012
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Petite modeling targets a much smaller audience as this part of the industry is still growing. Petite models wear sizes that range from 0 to 7 and are between 5’0 and 5’7 in height. Petite models have the same qualities as high-end fashion models but on a petite frame meaning they too must have proportionate figures, beautiful faces, nice skin, good bone structure and good teeth. Due to the fact these models are normally used as “body part” models (hands, feet, legs, face, etc.), height is not as important as with high fashion models.

Petite models tend to look more fit than their fashion model counterparts who appear tall and elegant in person and on film. This is why fashion industry professionals choose tall models for runway and petite models for print and commercial. It is believed that tall models look better in front of the camera because television shortens one’s appearance and adds weight. Therefore tall, thin models can still maintain their appearance on the runway and in print. Contrary to popular belief, many petite models are securing jobs in print, commercial and even beauty ad campaigns.

To all those who fit this category, have a passion for modeling and a willingness to work hard, good luck in your endeavors!

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