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Fashion modeling is devoted to displaying clothing and other items by noted fashion designers and brands.
Posted January 28, 2012
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Fashion modeling is devoted to displaying clothing and other items by noted fashion designers and brands. Fashion models account for an extremely small percentage of the total model population in the industry. This category consists of runway and editorial/high fashion modeling. Take a look at some of the requirements below:

Female fashion models:
- Generally start modeling under the age of 21
- Height minimum: 5' 8
- Measurement range: 34-24-34

Male fashion models:
- Generally start modeling under the age of 25
- Height minimum: 6' 0
- Measurement range: 40 Regular jacket

Male and female fashion models tend to have a very distinctive look with striking features. What makes for a fashion model face? The general opinion of the fashion industry is the more symmetrical a face is, the more attractive it will be to the general public. A model’s facial proportions are extremely important. Their face should not be too long or too round. He or she should have a straight nose, healthy hair, thick eyebrows over perfectly shaped eyes and smooth, flawless skin.

High fashion models surround us every day on billboards, magazine covers, television commercials and of course, the coveted runway. They are professional models and 99% are represented by modeling agencies throughout the world. Most aspiring models seek to be a part of this elite group because the visibility is high as well as the pay. The largest amount of money goes to the very rare “supermodels”, models whose names are household names (Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks, Giselle Bundchen, Naomi Campbell, etc.) and earn a generous living off modeling alone. Only about 2% of all models become supermodels. Supermodels land endorsements and ad campaigns with multi-million dollar contracts. The term “supermodel” is not limited to females only. Men’s fashion represents a small portion of the fashion industry. Although generally male fashion models earn less compensation than female fashion models, they too also land jobs in popular fashion magazines and runway shows for major designers. Male supermodels include high-profile names such as Tyson Beckford, David Gandy and Brad Kroenig.

Runway (or catwalk) models are normally very thin with excellent posture. Clothing designers traditionally show their new collections in fashion shows for buyers, the fashion industry and the general public. Runway models have to bring a designer’s clothes to life and display them to their best advantage. Runway assignments can include designer fashion shows in international capitals like Paris, Milan, London, Tokyo and New York. This is one of the most effective ways to gain exposure as a model.

Fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle and W reserve editorials for the top fashion or editorial models. Editorial spreads have an idea or artistic theme for a particular issue that is normally given by the editor of the magazine. The model is wearing the latest possible designs from famous brand names. Editorial experience garners great exposure for fashion models as well as tear sheets to gain them further work. These models generally live in New York City (in this country) for the simple reason that very little editorial fashion work is booked anywhere else. Now, that’s not to say that other markets don’t have fashion opportunities but New York is the fashion capital of the United States.

The fashion industry is constantly changing. One day blonde hair and blue eyes may be the ticket and the next day brunettes with green eyes may be the popular look. This is a fast paced industry and you have to keep up. For those of you who fit this category and have the desire to be a fashion model, GO FOR IT! Let your dream drive you to your destination.

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