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Agent-independent models (models not signed to an agency) are referred to as freelance models.
Posted January 28, 2012
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Agent-independent models (models not signed to an agency) are referred to as freelance models. They run their modeling careers in the absence of agency assistance and often times without a manager. They are self-employed, independent contractors. What does all this mean? They alone are responsible for their failure or success as a model. Freelance models have to book their own jobs and manage their own promotion, finances, time, etc. This is an extremely large amount of work to do for one person but it can be done…and done well if the model is diligent and knowledgeable about the modeling business.

Freelance models almost never book work in the fashion industry because those jobs go directly to agency signed models. Why is that? Models that are signed with agencies do not have to be concerned with the business details of modeling; they need only concentrate on doing an exceptional job. Not only does this process free the model from unnecessary stress but most models don’t even know the ins and outs of the modeling business. Therefore, obtaining an agency is highly recommended. Freelance models have to perform well and handle all of the minute business details involving their career. This is a job that should be approached with all tenacity and comprehension simply because most freelance models are not taken seriously due to their lack of knowledge concerning the business of modeling or simply because the are not represented by an agency. High personal and professional standards are an absolute must.

Requirements that normally apply to most models, do not apply to freelance models. They are not physically bound by any rules or limited by restrictions. Freelance models come in all shapes, sizes and heights. Those who want to pursue modeling part-time often do freelance modeling. Agency models tend to be more well-rounded in their skills - usually because they are trained. They can do a range of jobs from commercial to fashion to glamour. Freelance models are usually more concentrated in a specific field of modeling and only pursue the jobs they want. Clients like to work with versatile models so it is preferred that freelance models know how to do a variety of jobs. Versatility increases the chances of success.

A website and a good portfolio is imperative for a freelance model to book jobs and make money. The website is used to host their images and resume online. It can also be used to promote and sell personal brand products such as posters, t-shirts and calendars. A freelance model’s online presence should be just as honorable as his or her physical presence. Professionalism should be adhered to at all times whether it’s on a personal website or social networking site. Excessive profanity or random distasteful pictures are not a good idea, unless of course that is part of the image you are selling. Post your professional images, resume, measurements and contact information and be sure to keep it updated. Someone might find you online and want to work with you.

Freelance models can be successful; it just takes a remarkable person to understand the business and know how to do their job extraordinarily well. They need to be informed about the industry and open-minded to opportunities.

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