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Child and teen models land the same jobs as commercial models such as print work, film, commercials, catalogs and magazines.
Posted January 28, 2012
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Child and teen models (also known as junior models) land the same jobs as commercial models such as print work, film, commercials, catalogs, magazines and even local fashion shows.

These young models range in height from 5’6 to 5’10 and are normally 12 to 17 years old. Children under 12 should be thin to average in weight, astoundingly attractive and have an outgoing personality. These models are used to target an audience of their peers. It is highly suggested that children and teens participate in acting classes as this increases their chances of getting work. It helps them become more comfortable performing for an audience and in showing expression well in front of the camera. Compensation for child and teen models depends on the assignment but they are generally paid less than adults.

The very first step in getting your child into the modeling industry is finding out if this is something he or she really wants to do. This is so important since your child will be the one doing all the modeling! There are many things to take into consideration:

- Is your child confident enough to handle rejection?

- Is he or she super sensitive?

- Does your child have a basic understanding that modeling is a business and not all fun and games?

- Are they confident enough to accept themselves as they are or will they fall victim to eating disorders or maybe even become obsessed with their looks?

- How far are you (parent or guardian) willing to go to support your young one’s career?

- How will this effect your other children?

Children are impressionable so you must consider their mental and emotional welfare before being thrown into a world of vanity. These are all the same things adult models must contemplate before taking the first step towards modeling. The only difference is that the model in this case is a minor and needs more guidance in the right direction. When children and teens go into the modeling industry, it becomes a family decision. Once it is decided that all parties involved are supportive, here are some things to know:

- Your child will need photos to submit to modeling agencies. To get started, he or she needs 1 head shot, 1 body shot and 1 3/4 shot. Most agencies don’t require professional photos as long as they are current. You can email pictures or send them via mail depending on the agency’s policies. Always include the child’s height, age, sizes (shirt, pants and shoes), a contact number and email address. (Children and teens will need to update their pictures more often than adult models because they are growing and changing in appearance constantly.)

- Finding a reputable and established agency will be the key to your child’s success. There are scams involved with every kind of business so do your research when searching for an agency but please don’t rush this process. There are far too many horror stories of people getting scammed by so-called modeling agencies simply because they were impatient about getting started. Save yourself the heartache and money and take your time in choosing the right agency.
Anyone under the age of 18 cannot legally enter into a modeling contract. All respectable modeling agencies, photographers, magazines, etc. will require parental/guardian permission prior to working with a minor.

Much success to all the parents and children entering into the wonderful world of modeling!

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