Ultra Models

Ultra Models – Models, Role Models & Women in Business

We feature aspiring and established models as well as highlight role models who are making a positive impact in their community. Teachers, lawyers, photographers, artists, writers…an Ultra Model can take any form. These women are pursuing their dreams no matter how difficult the journey and encouraging others along the way. They are strong, talented, brilliant and determined to succeed. They are more than just models and more than role models. They are Ultra Models – positive women doing positive things.
Davica Williams – Motivational Speaker & Full Figured Model
Atlanta, Georgia
“I am the embodiment of a positive woman doing positive things in my local community and beyond. I practice what I preach.“
Shawntel Asemota – Event Planner, CEO and Creative Director of SOA Event Concepts, LLC
Atlanta, Georgia
“SOA Event Concepts, LLC is a premier event planning company based in Atlanta, GA that strives to create events for its clients that are out of the box.“
Andrieka Austin – Teen Life Consultant, Owner of Journey Girl Youth Enrichment
Atlanta, Georgia
“Since it’s inception on 2005, my company has been on the move to positively impact the lives of girls and women everywhere!“
Chantelle Pinkston – Writer, Minister and Actress
Atlanta, Georgia
Yolanda Zellous – Author, Actress and Playwright
Lithonia, Georgia
“Zakiya H. Williams helped me to take a leap of faith and tap into my comedic side. I have developed characters that I carry with me at all times and they are a part of my performances.“
Khaos Da Rapper – Artist, Producer and Engineer
Atlanta, Georgia
“I’ve been doing music since the age of 9. Well, that’s when I started rapping. I won my first talent show in middle school and from there I knew music was what I wanted to do.“
Daunea Foster – Wardrobe Stylist & Image Consultant, Owner of D. Stylish by Daunea
Atlanta, Georgia
“I’ve overcome teen pregnancy, a near death experience and losing the father of my child in a fatal car accident but I still kept my faith in God. I represent the women who wanted to give up on life but found that silver lining in the clouds.“
Nina Brewton – Owner of Out The Blocks Youth Enrichment Program, Writer and Vocalist
Hampton, Virginia
“It is my ultimate goal to inspire and motivate everyone that I encounter to not make life more difficult than it needs to be! If that means sharing the ugly parts of my life as well as my successes, I will do just that until the day I die.“
Brittney Greene – CEO and Founder of Black Positive Image, Inc
Atlanta, Georgia
“I want to make sure that I leave a legacy for future generations of my family. I want to be an example for all members of my family to ensure that we live longer than the years we are on this earth.“
Phyllis Jackson – Author and Poet
Atlanta, Georgia